We have been alerted to the fact that a rower using the River Soar has contracted leptospirosis (or Weil's disease).  This is of concern to everyone who uses the river (and subsequently our water which is open to the river) and we would urge all anglers to ensure that they wash their hands and equipment (nets etc) thoroughly before eating.  You should also ensure that any open wounds (scratches etc) are covered whilst fishing.


Weil's disease is spread by rats and we have always encouraged anglers to dispose of their rubbish properly.  We have made the decision that as we do not have a dedicated rubbish pick up, and as some anglers are not abiding by the rules, we have taken the rubbish bins away.  This may go some way to discourage the rats from making themselves at home. 


This means that as from now, all anglers must take their rubbish home with them.  This is in accordance with Rule 9 in the membership book.


About 90% of leptospirosis infections only cause mild symptoms, including:

-  a high temperature  (fever) of between 38C and 40C

-  chills

-  sudden headaches

-  nausea and vomiting

-  loss of appetite

-  muscle pain, particularly affecting the muscles in the calves and lower back

-  conjunctivitis

-  a short-lived rash


However, in some cases, more severe symptoms may develop, and everyone should be mindful that if they are starting to feel ill several days after having any of the above symptoms, they should alert their doctor immediately. 



On 27 September 2014 we took delivery of 300 8-10" carp which were put into the match lake that morning.  We have put some pictures here to show the quality of these fish. 


Letter from the Chairman:


On 14th June 2013 Leicester Red Circle Angling Club was 10 years old, and that time includes me as Chairman.


My thanks go to the present committee with special thanks to Les Wilkinson and 'Baz' Underwood (who have both given 10 years service) and to Sheila Wilkinson who joined us in 2004.  If it wasn't for these people the club would not have been so solid.


During these 10 years we have all dedicated freely a large part of our lives to the club and achieved many positive things, importantly a longer lease.


The venue is well liked by the Environment Agency, Leicester City Council and the Angling Trust, all of which have praised us on a well-managed club and a fabulous little haven in the inner city of Leicester.


I would also like to thank everyone else who have contributed to the club and all the members, old and not so old, for their continued support.


Let's look forward to another 10 years of success.


Yours sincerely


David M Leeson

Chairman, LRCAC



We have negotiated a discount of 10% off everything, including bait, from X-Sport ( 'Army Surplus Fishing & Outdoor Warehouse') who are at Unit 58 Boston Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester LE4 1AW.  You must produce your membership books to get this discount.  They are open Monday to Saturday 07.00 to 18.30 and Sunday 07.00 to 16.00 hrs.